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Intermediate Biomedical Engineering II

About the Book

Series Editor.
Kenneth I. Nkuma-Udah, PhD, FCBET

Book Editor.
Babatunde A. Adegboye, PhD, FCBET


ABC Publications Inc

Expected Date of Publication
October 15, 2019

Estimated Page Count

The field of Biomedical Engineering is characterized by the application of engineering and physical science principles in the areas of biology and medicine. This field has produced several innovative branches including biomedical electronics and instrumentation, medical imaging, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, biomaterials and sensors, medical robotics, neurobiology, clinical engineering, rehabilitation engineering and tissue engineering. Biomedical engineering applications have evolved in development of such technologies as artificial organs, robotic surgeries, laboratory on a chip, etc.

Intermediate Biomedical Engineering II is a book meant for medium level cadre of the biomedical engineering profession.The subject areas here include courses in clinical engineering and technology; rehabilitation engineering and technology, and biomedical physics and allied sciences. .

Table of Content
Part 1: General Topics
Chapter 1. Introduction to Intermediate Biomedical Engineering and Technology II
Chapter 2. Intermediate Biomedical Engineering Laboratory II

Part 2: Clinical Engineering and Technology
Chapter 3. Development of Clinical Engineering
Chapter 4. Intensive Care & Ambulatory Technologies
Chapter 5. Clinical Measurement & Monitoring Systems
Chapter 6. Health Technology Management
Chapter 7. Medical Illustration & Clinical photography
Chapter 8. Technology Planning in Health Care Institutions
Chapter 9. Health Care Systems Engineering
Chapter 10. Design of Clinical (Healthcare) facilities
Chapter 11. Risk management & Safety of Medical Equipment
Chapter 12. Clinical Engineering Internship/Demonstrations

Part 3: Rehabilitation Engineering and Technology
Chapter 13. Rehabilitation Engineering Technology
Chapter 14. Disabilities and Assistive Technologies
Chapter 15. Basic Orthopaedic Engineering
Chapter 16. Prosthesis and Orthotics
Chapter 17. Engineering Concepts in Rehabilitation
Chapter 18. Design of Artificial Limbs
Chapter 19. Artificial Organ Techniques
Chapter 20. Introduction to Bio-regenerative Engineering
Chapter 21. Total Joint Replacement
Chapter 22. Psycho-physiotherapeutic Techniques

Part 4: Biomedical Physics and Allied Sciences
Chapter 23. Bio-Medical Physics & Applications
Chapter 24. Medical Imaging Techniques
Chapter 25. Medical Laboratory Systems
Chapter 26. Body Fluids and Blood Safety
Chapter 27. Biological Effects of Radiation
Chapter 28. Sports Medical Technology
Chapter 29. Environmental Hazards & Safety
Chapter 30. Biomedical Image & Signal Processing
Chapter 31. Health Planning & Infection Control
Chapter 32. Standardization and Quality Control
Chapter 33. Biomedical Engineering Education, Research & Development


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