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Foundation Biomedical Engineering II

About the Book

Series Editor.
Kenneth I. Nkuma-Udah, PhD, FCBET

Book Editor.
Kennedy O. Ejeta, FCBET


ABC Publications Inc

Expected Date of Publication
March 19, 2019

Estimated Page Count

The field of Biomedical Engineering is characterized by the application of engineering and physical science principles in the areas of biology and medicine. This field has produced several innovative branches including biomedical electronics and instrumentation, medical imaging, bioinformatics, nanotechnology, biomaterials and sensors, medical robotics, neurobiology, clinical engineering, rehabilitation engineering and tissue engineering. Biomedical engineering applications have evolved in development of such technologies as artificial organs, robotic surgeries, laboratory on a chip, etc.

Foundation Biomedical Engineering II is the second in the current CBET Book Series providing the next level of the foundational basis of biomedical engineering. This entails such subject areas like mathematics, computer scince and statistics with their principles required to consolidate the foundations for the field of biomedical engineering.

Table of Content
Part 1: General Topics
Chapter 1. Introduction to Foundation Biomedical Engineering and Technology II
Chapter 2. Laboratory and Workshop Organisation II
Chapter 3. Foundation Biomedical Engineering Laboratory II

Part 2: Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
Chapter 4. Arithmetic and Algebra
Chapter 5. Trigonometry and Geometry
Chapter 6. Complex Numbers
Chapter 7. Matrices and Vectors
Chapter 8. Functions, Limits and Intro Calculus
Chapter 9. Differentiation & Differential Equations
Chapter 10. Integration
Chapter 11. Application of Mathematic to Biomedical Engineering

Part 3: Computer and Computer Science
Chapter 12. Introduction to Computer Studies
Chapter 13. Computer Hardware and Architecture
Chapter 14. Computer Software and Systems
Chapter 15. Computer Programming
Chapter 16. Human-Computer Interface
Chapter 17. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Chapter 18. Application of Computers to Biomedical Engineering

Part 4: Statistics and Statistical Science
Chapter 19. Introduction to Statistics and Methods
Chapter 20. Foundations of Inferential Statistics
Chapter 21. Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 22. Data Sampling and Analysis
Chapter 23. Probability
Chapter 24. Application of Statistics to Biomedical Engineering


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